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Do You Fear Hormones in Your Milk? You’re Not Alone.

Have no fear, the hormones are here… Well, they’re everywhere. Just like humans and plants, animals like dairy cows have hormones that are essential for their growth and immunity. Dairy milk contains a small number of natural hormones, especially in comparison to the hormones already found in your body. These hormones in cows are naturally occurring and help with many body functions, such as growth.

However, hormones in dairy milk are destroyed in human’s digestive system; therefore, they do not act as a steroid to the human body. One myth based on hormones in milk is its role in accelerating puberty in kids. When in reality, studies show that obesity among children is the leading factor in early puberty. The number of hormones in dairy foods is not significant enough to act as a puberty accelerant.

Milk has been around for many centuries, and there is still no indication that its hormones negatively affect the human body. All foods, even fruits and veggies, such as potatoes, peas and cabbage contain hormones. Even the alternative dairy beverages, such as soy and rice contain hormones!

What you may not realize is how your everyday lifestyle affects your hormones, significantly more than your dairy food intake. Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and even your daily coffee intake results in hormone imbalances. While you are concerned about products with hormones, it is important to be aware of products that block hormones. Products such as make-up, cleaning products, unwashed fruit and dust act as hormone blockers. These sorts of products alter organ and brain development and poses a negative effect on puberty and fertility.

The takeaway? Milk is one of the safest, nutrient-rich choices for you and your whole family. And while there is a lot of confusion (and misinformation) about milk when it comes to hormones, the truth is simple. There are never any hormones added to milk, just hormones that are naturally in cows. Period.