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Summertime Milk Jug Crafts
Ahhh, summer. The season of sunshine and fun is officially here. To celebrate, Milk On My Mind has curated...
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Great Georgia Give Reaches Its Final Stop In Savannah
The Great Georgia Give held its final visit of its philanthropic tour Friday, May 15 in Savannah, Georgia....
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Great Georgia Give Arrives in Augusta
The Great Georgia Give made its arrival in Augusta, Georgia Friday, May 8, as the third stop in its four-week...
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Great Georgia Give Rolls Into Macon
The Great Georgia Give continued its tour last week as it arrived in Macon, Ga. Georgia dairy farmers...
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Stop Milk Limits and Low Stock: Send a Letter to Your Grocer
Some grocery stores have still been limiting the amount of milk one can purchase or are not well stocked. In...
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Great Georgia Give Makes Its First Stop In Atlanta
As the world grapples with a temporary new normal filled with social distancing and economic uncertainty,...
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